[Xquartz-dev] 256 color

xquartz-dev.5.mzs at spamgourmet.com xquartz-dev.5.mzs at spamgourmet.com
Wed May 20 05:40:51 PDT 2009


I updated a 1GHz G4 PPC eMac with ATI graphics to 10.5.7 and and 
decided to try 256 color mode in the X11.app preferences and it did not 
work. Here is what I did:

Fire-up Terminal.app and start X11.app with xlsclients
propeller-tab to X11.app
In the X11.app menubar select the item that fires-up an xterm
The xterm seems to work, but then I type xlogo in the xterm
xterm loses focus but I do not see xlogo anywhere

More details, xlogo is in the Windows menu of X11.app. I used expose and 
spaces (I have 2x2) to look for the xlogo window but cannot find it. I 
cannot by clicking or using the Windows menu item get xterm to have focus 
again. I tried some slight variations to the above they all had the same 
results but in one case X11.app got a spinning beach ball. If I set the 
X11.app pref to use same depth as Aqua I have no problems. I am using 
rootless mode. My work around is to continue to use Xvnc for 8-bit.

Otherwise I have had good results so far with on a 32-bit intel 
and this G4, thanks again.


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