[Xquartz-dev] Input Grab (Input on Focus) issue

John Koren jpkoren at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 17:18:45 PDT 2009


Great to see that the Input Grab issue is fixed. I have now two more
problems to report. They have been present in all SL versions.

1) The "focus follows the mouse option" does not work at all.

2) This is a strange one:

I have as shell script containing "xterm -e ssh -Y
user at remote_machine". It  works correctly if I launch it from a
command line but not when lauched from XQuartz>Applications. When it
is is launched Quartz>Applications, the xterm window cannot be closed
by clicking on the close (red) button on the window. The other buttons
(yellow  and green) work correctly.

What is interesting, that if I use rxvt, i.e., "rxvt -e ssh -Y
user at remote_machine". I do not see this issue when launching it from
the XQuartz>Applications menu.

Regards -John

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