[Xquartz-dev] xterm - black

Harald Hanche-Olsen hanche at math.ntnu.no
Fri Aug 27 07:50:55 PDT 2010

+ Christof Wolf <ch.wolf at hfph.mwn.de>:

> On Monday 23 August 2010, xquartz-dev-request at lists.macosforge.org wrote:
> > Actually, xinitrc will C Pre-Process if /usr/bin/cpp is present.  Install
> > XCode, and it should work as you want.
> Jeremey,
> sorry, but it doesn't. I am now on my macbook pro, where I have installed 
> XCode - on the macbook air  I don't have too much space :-) it's exact the 
> same behavior. What I do remember is, that it was not all the time the case - 
> maybe it worked with .xinitrc?

You can look into /opt/X11/lib/X11/xinit/xinitrc for yourself and very
clearly see that it checks whether /usr/bin/cpp is executable. If it
is not, it runs xrdb -nocpp. Otherwise, it does not use the -nocpp
flag, and so xrdb should use the C preprocessor.

Here is a simple test to check that xrdb does in fact use cpp:

; echo 'foobar: FOOBAR' | xrdb -DFOOBAR=yay -merge -
; xrdb -q | grep foobar
foobar: yay

- Harald

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