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doh123 doh123 at doh123.com
Tue Sep 27 13:38:33 PDT 2011

well I went ahead and tried the --pref-domain when started quartz-wm, but it changed nothing.  I didn't think that was it, because for some things I do, quartz-wm is never even ran, and the problem exists the same way.

I can take the same build and swap between my new 1.11.1 server executable, and my older 1.9.3 executable and the problems happens with 1.9.3.  All the same settings, file libraries everything, only changing the server executable.  Its driving me crazy… I'm guessing somewhere between the two something major changed that doesn't affect normal launching of the server, but with the weird way I launch it, its having a problem.  I'm just not sure where in the source to actually look for where this would be handled so if I can find something to modify to fix it, then I will.

Those last 3 patches are the only ones I used to make a "stock" build in which the problem appears.  Since I already have some of my own patches that will go on for a final build, I do not mind if I can modify something in the source to fix the problem.

On Sep 27, 2011, at 1:48 PM, Jeremy Huddleston wrote:

> On Sep 27, 2011, at 10:25 AM, doh123 wrote:
>> I'll start by saying this isn't about normal shipping Xquartz or beta.
>> I've used 2.7.0beta2 and its NOT exhibiting this problem.
>> I do my own xorg-server builds.
>> Heres what happens when using xorg-server 1.11.1 … I thought it was my code modifications, so I took them out and did a stock build, just putting on the same patches as the macport build does, and the problem still happens.  Basically, the mouse and keyboard focus is not on new windows right after the server starts, until one window is clicked on first (which doesn't register as a click in the program).  I admit I've not build or tested this in 1.10, but it did not happen in the 1.9 branch for sure, and it does not happen in the 1.11.1 builds in Xquartz 2.7.0beta.  I've checked all the main plist settings, including focusing on new windows, and click through and everything, and they make no difference.
> Are you sure quartz-wm and your X11.app are in sync wrt which preference domain to use?  Try passing --prefs-domain to quartz-wm to be certain.  It sounds like it is just using different values for wm_focus_on_new_window and wm_click_through than you expect.
>> Is there some other patches you have used in making 2.7.0beta2 that might be helping this thats not listed in the portfile in Macports?  I thought the problem might be in darwin.c and had been looking through, but after I saw 2.7.0 did NOT have the same problem and was the same xorg-server, I'm confused why this is happening to me when I build it myself.  Any suggestions of where to look to fix the problem would be appreciated, as I know very little about how its initializing or handling the mouse and keyboard focus.
> Nope. These are all the patches that are used.  They are all present in opensource.apple.com's versions of X11, and most are already in git.  I'll happily send you any of them if you need them, but there's nothing really special.  We've been building off of master for everything except mesa for about 2 years now (and mesa as of a few months ago):
> $ find X11*/trunk -name '*patch'
> X11apps/trunk/bitmap/patches/no-stipple.patch
>  -- removes a file that collides on case insensitive file systems
> X11apps/trunk/xkeyboard-config/patches/nopo.patch
>  -- build fix for !nls
> X11apps/trunk/xterm/patches/PR-7191532.patch
>  -- see the mailing list about this one ... stty issue
> X11apps/trunk/xterm/patches/xterm-nohide-pointer.patch
>  -- again, see xquartz-dev or x11-users about this one
> X11libs/trunk/cairo/patches/no_flto.patch
>  -- clang build fix, sent upstream
> X11libs/trunk/cairo/patches/PR-30910.patch
>  -- ditto
> X11libs/trunk/libXaw8/patches/dylibname.patch
>  -- build fix in Xaw master already
> X11libs/trunk/libXaw8/patches/flat_namespace.patch
>  -- build fix in Xaw master already
> X11libs/trunk/libxcb/patches/poll.patch
>  -- build fix in xcb master already
> X11libs/trunk/libXt/patches/0001-Bug-34715-XtAppMainLoop-doesn-t-work-without-a-Displ.patch
>  -- already in master
> X11libs/trunk/pixman/patches/configure.patch
>  -- clang build fix, sent upstream
> X11misc/trunk/pkg-config/patches/clang.patch
>  -- clang
> X11misc/trunk/pkg-config/patches/underquoting.patch
>  -- build fix
> X11misc/trunk/util-macros/patches/0001-Don-t-disable-strict-aliasing-fno-strict-aliasing.patch
>  -- stricter conformance when building on darwin
> X11proto/trunk/fontconfig/patches/0001-fontconfig.pc-Add-variables-for-confdir-and-cachedir.patch
>  -- in upstream master already
> X11proto/trunk/fontconfig/patches/arch.patch
>  -- build fix for fat binaries
> X11proto/trunk/freetype/patches/better_types.patch
>  -- build fix for fat binaries using C99 types instead of configure-fu
> X11proto/trunk/freetype/patches/noansi.patch
>  -- build fix to disable -ansi for better_types.patch
> X11proto/trunk/freetype/patches/otvalid.patch
> -- enables OpenType table validation
> X11proto/trunk/freetype/patches/rsrc.patch
> -- better resource fork handling
> X11server/trunk/kdrive/patches/no-xkb.patch
> -- no xkb in kdrive
> X11server/trunk/Sparkle/patches/no-Werror.patch
> -- build fix
> X11server/trunk/Xquartz/patches/5001-configure.ac-Add-fno-strict-aliasing-to-CFLAGS.patch
> -- server-1.11-apple
> X11server/trunk/Xquartz/patches/5002-Workaround-the-GC-clipping-problem-in-miPaintWindow-.patch
> -- server-1.11-apple
> X11server/trunk/Xquartz/patches/5003-fb-Revert-fb-changes-that-broke-XQuartz.patch
> -- server-1.11-apple
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