[Xquartz-dev] Intermittent loss of input focus?

Ben Hyde bhyde at pobox.com
Sat Mar 21 08:41:30 PDT 2015

A forced upgrade means I have a new 2015 MacBook Pro, Yosemite, and XQuartz 2.7.8_beta3 (xorg-server 1.16.4) freshly installed over/under a restore from via Time Machine.  Previously I was running 10.6.8 :).

So.  If I pop up an new Xterm and start typing in many cases a few characters in the typing cursor will transition from solid block to rectangle.  Naturally this means my input is lost.  A few seconds later it will transition back again.  At that point I can continue typing.

Sometimes when the keyboard focus departs I get a beach ball.  Sometimes when it departs it never returns, but if I click in the terminal I can restore it.

I can occationally get this to happen without typing.  I just open the xterm and start and the black keyboard cursor and after it bit it disappears, optionally I see the beachball, and optionally it comes back after a bit.

This behavior occurs dependably and repeatedly if I have work to do.  I occurs less reliably if I’m trying to reproduce the behavior or record it in a screen capture.  But even if I do record it it’s boring because all you see is the cursor changing.

Is anybody else suffering this affliction?   Or would anybody like to suggest a treatment of big stick I might hit it with?

 - ben

ps. Emacs is hell when you have this issue!
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