[Xquartz-dev] XQ278rc2 is causing large 'hidden border' for me.

SciFi sci-fi at hush.ai
Mon Oct 12 19:59:35 PDT 2015


The rc2 that was just released
is causing a 'hidden border'
along the top of every x11 window.

The 'native' OSX apps do not experience this.
Nor does the previous rc1 release.

I have the "X11 root window" option turned 'off'/Un-checked.

I'll do a screen grab to try showing this
(if attachments will work thru this maillist).

At any rate:
The screengrab shows 3 of my Pan windows (usenet reader for GNome/X11)
in front of the OSX Activity Monitor window.
I've already tried dragging the Pan windows as high as they're allowed to go with 278rc2 running,
showing around a 50-pixel gap there.

This gap was not there when running 278rc1 and prior
meaning I could drag any window to use the full area on the hardware LCD screen.

Note my personal life has not changed any at all ---
I am still on Disability with No End in Sight,
I am still running OSX-10.6.8 on the same model "iMac6,1"
which is explained here,
I cannot afford to upgrade at all (even to 'join' the MAS to get 'free' apps etc since MAS still needs proof-of-purchase mechanism from me)
so updates to OSX-10.7 etc will not happen.
I've been unable to boot-up various ISO disk images properly for running open-source systems
(can explain this separately -- I'd much-rather switch to such a system if able to boot it up fully).
When this machine dies, I will be without a 'puter and without a primary source of communication,
so any help is greatly appreciated
and I'm unashamedly asking for it here among other places.

Thank you.

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