[CalendarServer-dev] Ticket 148, remove ACL method

Wilfredo Sánchez Vega wsanchez at wsanchez.net
Mon Jan 4 14:03:49 PST 2010

On Nov 18, 2009, at 4:47 AM, Peter Mogensen wrote:

> I'm a little puzzled by the change in this ticket to completely remove the ACL method.
> I realize that it'll make it easier for a specific application of calendarserver, in which the client doesn't offer ACL control and access is defined by predefined group or proxy principals, but it would make the calendarserver a lot less general a tool.

  Calendar Server isn't a general-purpose DAV server; it's a calendar service.

> It would also conflict with rfc4791 section 2.


  We wouldn't be removing the ACL method altogether, but we would be returning a FORBIDDEN response to any attempts to change the ACLs of resources that are managed by the calendar system.  It's legal for a server to disallow that and still comply with RFC 3744.

  We will still advertise the ACL properties, which will allow clients to see what access they have.

> What are the arguments for doing this ? - aside from not having to solve the original problem i ticket 148.

  The problem with the ACL method is that it's practically impossible for a client to implement it correctly such that it works with any server, due to the arbitrarily-definable privileges and hierarchy.  It's just too complex to be useful.


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