[CalendarServer-dev] How to Identify ICS files / MAILROUTING caldav mails from IMIP

Lisana Berberi lisanaberberi at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 11 05:07:00 PST 2010


like most of the users on this list know, i have  a calenderserver 
version -2.4 from apple running on a linux squeeze box and trying around 
with it.

I have set up some users on the calendar server like

with the emailaddresses
joe at domain.com


jack at domain.com

the calendar server itself has the name cal.domain.com

if i send invitations form joe s iphone to jack at domain.com the server finds 
jack on itself and all is working

if i send an invitation to a user that is not on the server the email gets 
sent out and holds the ics file.

the normal emailaccounts of jack and joe are on a imap server that is not 
running on that calendar server. it is a linux box running courier and 
postfix. so if a email with an attached ics file arrives it should gets 
forwarded to ics at domain.com

i should now know how i can setup a rule on maildrop that catches that email 
and sends it forward to the emailaddress ics at domain.com so that the 
caldavserver could poll it via pop and then process it via imip.
and then the calendar server is processing the ics.

is that way of mailrouting ok with the setup?
if not how can you handle innvitations that you get on your regular 
emailaddress and which needs to get to the caldav server?

how can the maildrop rule be setup to catch such mails (what are the special 
things to trigger on (some tags, attachements, etc...)

i assume that to pull just one pop account is compatible with many users on 
the server? so that many mailboxes just forward their mails into that single 
account to get processed.

second mailrouting question block

if the calendar server sends out an invitation to a extern user, how is the 
reply adress build?
i found out that in the exim logfile of calendar it showed that the server 
tried also to send away an email with the address 
johnson.jack at cal.domain.com

so it seemed to me that the caldav server build the reply address out of the 
username which the user takes to login and the hostname of the calendar. so 
if the server uses that way to selfbuild its reply address i have to setup 
the mailrouting for *@cal.domain.com to get bundle all emails that get back 
to ics at domain.com so that the server can poll them via pop

Thank you lisana

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