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#330: Need shared calendars
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Comment(by cory@…):

 just to make sure i'm being clear:

 in our movie workflow we have lots of different calendars (many per film,
 and we release a film per year). ldap/opendirectory groups are created for
 each movie as well, and we'd like to have the ease of setup such that
 calendars are able to "just work" based on ldap/opendirectory groups
 (allowing users in said groups to be able to see/edit the calendar). i do
 understand that the macos x server wiki calendar feature can do this, but
 it requires a wiki calendar be explicitly set up for each
 ldap/opendirectory group manually, and requires adding the url trick for
 each user's ical client (/principals/__uids__/wiki-CALENDAR/).

 yes, i do realize that none of this is really supported, but i wanted to
 make clear what we'd prefer, and why it'd be helpful for film industry

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