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#419: vobject patch inconsistent
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Comment(by cdaboo@…):

 To be clear: iCalendar explicitly lists the set of escape characters that
 it defines:

        text       = *(TSAFE-CHAR / ":" / DQUOTE / ESCAPED-CHAR)
           ; Folded according to description above

        ESCAPED-CHAR = ("\\" / "\;" / "\," / "\N" / "\n")
           ; \\ encodes \, \N or \n encodes newline
           ; \; encodes ;, \, encodes ,

 It does not say any arbitrary character can be escaped, nor does it say
 they must not be escaped. What this really means is that for the best
 interoperability, clients must only escape the set of characters defined
 in the iCalendar syntax. Anything else can legitimately be treated as

 Note I am not totally opposed to accepting \", but if we do the server
 must convert that into a plain " character and return that to clients,
 because there could be clients out there that (legitimately) reject
 iCalendar data with \" so the server must only return valid data to all
 clients. That said, I do believe the client in this case needs to be
 fixed. Arguably the spec also needs to be clearer on this point.

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