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Mon May 2 21:05:37 PDT 2011

#443: Bad assertion in sendmsg_sendmsg()
 Reporter:  narge-macosforge@…             |       Owner:  wsanchez@…        
     Type:  Defect                         |      Status:  new               
 Priority:  5: Not set                     |   Milestone:                    
Component:  Calendar Server                |    Severity:  Crash/data loss   
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 I recently upgraded caldavd from 2.4 to trunk on a ppc linux machine.
 After the upgrade, caldavd dies on the first incoming connection, with an
 assertion failure at twext/python/sendmsg.c line 213.

 This assertion states that CMSG_NXTHDR() returns non-NULL. However, it
 will only return non-NULL if there is space for another control message.
 Thus, the assertion always fails after copying the last control message;
 it should be moved to the beginning of the loop, before CMSG_NXTHDR().

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