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The process for upgrading the timezone information in the Calendar Server repository is as follows:

  1. Create a new directory, "$NEWDIR", for the Olson data and our conversion of it.
  1. [http://www.iana.org/time-zones Download the latest Olson data.]
  1. Extract the archive to the new directory renaming the extracted directory to "tzdata".
  1. Run [http://svn.mulberrymail.com/repos/PyCalendar/branches/server/src/zonal/tzconvert.py the tzconvert tool] from the 'server' branch of the `PyCalendar` directory that Calendar Server's `./run -s` will check out for you:  `src/zonal/tzconvert.py --prodid "-//calendarserver.org//Zonal//EN" --root "$NEWDIR"`
  1. That will create a `"$NEWDIR/zoneinfo"` directory.
  1. `ditto "$NEWDIR/zoneinfo" "CalendarServer/twistedcaldav/zoneinfo"` (there may be files to delete in the destination: TODO, update this step to use `rsync --delete` or similar)
  1. `CalendarServer/bin/calendarserver_manage_timezones --update`
  1. Update `twistedcaldav/zoneinfo/version.txt` with info about the Olson version used
  1. `svn commit` the changes after review


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