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#486: 'sqlparse.sql.Identifier' instances: Field 'value' is 'None'
 Reporter:  carlos@…             |       Owner:  wsanchez@…        
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 Priority:  5: Not set           |   Milestone:  CalendarServer-4.x
Component:  Calendar Server      |    Severity:  Other             
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 When parsing the following SQL fragment:

 create table INVITE (
     INVITE_UID         varchar(255) not null,
     NAME               varchar(255) not null,
     RECIPIENT_ADDRESS  varchar(255) not null,
     HOME_RESOURCE_ID   integer      not null,
     RESOURCE_ID        integer      not null

     -- Need primary key on (INVITE_UID, NAME, RECIPIENT_ADDRESS)?

 {{{sqlparse}}} generates an instance of type {{{sqlparse.sql.Identifier}}}
 to represent the {{{varchar}}} keyword.

 With my version of {{{sqlparse}}} (0.1.3), the field {{{value}}} of that
 instance is {{{None}}}, and CalendarServer dies at

 The attached patch (diff against
 branches/release/CalendarServer-4.1.1-dev) attemts to address this.

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