[CalendarServer-dev] Debian updated package 4.2

Fredrik Unger fred at tree.se
Fri Feb 15 05:05:10 PST 2013


I updated my personal package to 4.2.


There were three minor changes, fixing a few SQL statements for 0.1.4,
adding python-psutil as dependency, debianizing PGSOCKETDIR.

I will improve on packaging, this was the first attempt.

The server starts and http://localhost:8008/ works in the browser.
Not tested any further.

Not a SAFE upgrade path, and it might eat your cat.
It is for testing on a empty server without any important data.

With regards to the SQL patch.

Looking at trunk some of these SQL statements are OK for 0.1.4,
some are not. It is the same problems with 'primary key(' and 'unique('
as in Ticket #759. http://trac.calendarserver.org/ticket/759

Example from current trunk (r10297) is line 186 vs 192.

Still not a big deal and calendar server does not support 0.1.4, but 0.1.2

Not sure it makes sense to open a bug against the SQL issue as
new code got added with 'primary key(' sql.
It is after all a sqlparse bug.

Better for packagers to patch it I think, as the distribution is using 
the "wrong" version. To fix it is just to add a space, and the issues is 
now well known.



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