[CalendarServer-dev] [Workaround] Re: Exception in recvfd --was: Re: continuing work on FreeBSD ports

Axel Rau Axel.Rau at chaos1.de
Fri Feb 22 01:58:56 PST 2013

Am 21.02.2013 um 20:06 schrieb Axel Rau:

> shows that there are 8 bytes returned for the fd instead of 4:
Unpacking to a long long instead an int seems to be a workaround:
patch in twext.python.sendfd.recvfd:
    if len(packedFD) != calcsize("i"):
        err_msg = str("recvfd: packedFD [%d] not %d bytes long" % (len(packedFD),calcsize("i")))
        if len(packedFD) == 8:
            [unpackedFD] = unpack("Q", packedFD)
            log.debug('recvfd:Converting packedFD to long long: %d.' % unpackedFD,)
            raise ValueError(err_msg)
        [unpackedFD] = unpack("i", packedFD)
    return (unpackedFD, data)
So I saw my 1st beautiful calendarserver admin page! (-:
Will try out the other servers next.

Stays the question, where in the depth of sendmsg.c or cpython is the bug on this 64-bit platform (FreeBSD8/9)?

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