[CalendarServer-dev] shared-owner attribute lost during migration

Kristoffer =?utf-8?Q?M=C3=B8llerh=C3=B8?=j kmo at b-one.net
Wed Jan 17 02:47:59 PST 2018


on the branch release/CalendarServer-9.1 I have run the podA & podB server setup and tested the migration of user01 from podA to podB. Before migrating, I share user01's calendar to user02. After the migration, I observe that the shared calendar is partly broken: user02 on podA still views the calendar as shared from user01, but user01 seems to have lost the shared-owner information about this calendar. I think I might have figured out the problem: The 'shared' value in the message column in the calendar_bind table is not copied from podA to podB during user01 migration, which is confirmed by the shared-owner information being migrated if the attached modification is done.

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Kristoffer Møllerhøj
Systems Developer

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