[CalendarServer-users] Installing caldavd permanently on debian

Miro Dietiker miro.dietiker.maillist at md-systems.ch
Fri Dec 8 02:03:36 PST 2006

Hi Installers ;-)

After successfully compiling caldavd and "test-running" it i'd like to 
do a permanent installation on my system asking you for a "howto":

I found the ./run -i (or -I) option to install, but there are lot of 
When i call so, specifying a user-path as target /usr/bin/caldavd it 
builds a structure
under it which looks like to be intended as installed into "/" but i 
didn't get the real difference
to the -I...
Finally i'm looking for a "system installation" as long as it matches my 
understanding of  system path and location usage (and this seems to be 
OK to me).

After trying in several ways: caldavd is no more startable directly: 
till now i didn't find a way to get it work.
What's the reason for
/usr/caldavd/* ((configuration, expected in /etc/caldavd?))
/usr/pysqlite2-doc ((documentation, expected in 
/usr/share/doc/pysqlite2-doc ))
  OK, if this module is already installed it disappears...

After installation: what's the expected way for invocation?
since ./run is no more existing there, i tryed it with usr/bin/caldavd 
where libs seems missing..
Trying to add the PATHONPATH var leading to no success - it always asks 
for something, say:
"twistd does not exist: ../Twistd/bin/twistd"

I would expect to have a resulting program location, say 
/usr/sbin/caldavd directly invokeable
whereafter i can implement a /etc/init.d/caldavd to controle it in 

Finally i'd like to run caldavd under a specific user, say caldavd.
May you specify a list where it needs to be owner / rw access?

Any input on this topic would be great!

Thanks - Miro

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