[CalendarServer-users] Future Builds and deployment

Rick Davis roodavis at mac.com
Sat Sep 9 07:34:12 PDT 2006

This is my first stroll through Open Source, so please forgive my  

I have things working close to the way I want them to work, well  
except for having a calendar that multiple users can add events to.   
I think that is a "wait for iCal on Leopard" issue. Of course that  
may all change when the users start reporting problems or feature  
requests. ;-)

My question is about the location of the calendars and principals.   
Should they stay in the current test location inside of the  
twistedcaldav directory or be moved to the location indicated in the  
caldavd.plist (as opposed to the caldavd-dev.plist). If I deploy this  
to a server with the current locations will the next or any future  
builds retain that location or move things as needed?

I'm hoping to deploy this at a school for use by 40+ teachers and  
staff and eventually open it up to the 900+ students.

Thanks and Have A Great Day.

Rick Davis

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