[CalendarServer-users] attendee lookup

Emil Lundberg Emil.Lundberg at bmc.uu.se
Sat Dec 8 16:47:30 PST 2007

This has been addressed previously on this list, although in slightly  
different context:


To digress on the issue a little further:

Like you mentioned, using iCal 3 with a local calendar will let you  
use autofill for any users in your local Address Book (no LDAP servers  
are searched) in the attendee field.

iCal 3 will NOT search the local Address Book when adding attendees to  
a CalDAV-based calendar. Neither will it return any old mail addresses  
on a directory server. What it WILL do is search for calendar-enabled  
users on a directory server, satisfying all of the following criteria:

1) You have the server successfully configured using Directory Utility  
on the client machine.
2) You have added the directory domain to the Search Policy for  
contacts using Directory Utility on the client machine.
3) A couple of attributes need to be present in the LDAP schema  
(standard in 10.5 OD) on the directory server, e.g. the user  
(inetorgperson object) requires an apple-serviceslocator attribute  
configured in the directory; see the "doc/ical-schema.txt" documents  
in the DCS svn repository:


The easiest way to do this is obviously to run a OSX/OD/iCal Server  
combination instead of DCS! :-). Using non-OD directory servers  
though, it should be possible to add the required attributes to a  
standard LDAP server (or AD for that matter), and bind to it using  
Directory Utility as per the above procedure. We have not (yet) begun  
testing on this at my site so this is as far as my knowledge stretches  
at the moment. It is an important question though; we too will most  
likely rely on existing LDAP/Linux-based directory services for any  
site-wide calendar service.

I have no idea whether there is any magic to perform on iCal 3 to make  
it less stringent about the mail addresses or servers it searches.

To address your second question; I am not aware of any specialised  
tool for editing the accounts file, but a decent xml editor will at  
least validate the contents after editing.



8 dec 2007 kl. 20.35 skrev Greg Philpott:

> We just installed the calserver on linux and are using the xml  
> version. we have set up a few test accounts and they seem to work  
> fine.  You can book meetings, see the other persons calendar  
> conflicts in the availability view in ical for example. The key  
> issue we have is that when using ical 3 on 10.5 and we enter an  
> attendee, the only way it will work is if I enter the users email  
> address and not their name.
> Is there any way to get the dcs to behave like using ical and a  
> local address book? Is there a way to set it up so that when a user  
> enters a few letters of a user's name in the attendee box it looks  
> it up and presents the full name? Or better yet have dcs present its  
> dcs addresses in ical so you can drag them onto the calendar? While  
> dsc works, it is not convenient to have to know a user's email  
> address and have to enter it completely in the attendee list before  
> dcs tells you if it is a valid user.
> Finally is there a front end console that makes it easier to create  
> and edit user xml files? I am sure we are doing something wrong just  
> not sure what.
> Greg
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