[CalendarServer-users] attendee lookup

Greg Philpott gphilpott at mdialog.com
Sat Dec 8 11:35:26 PST 2007

We just installed the calserver on linux and are using the xml  
version. we have set up a few test accounts and they seem to work  
fine.  You can book meetings, see the other persons calendar conflicts  
in the availability view in ical for example. The key issue we have is  
that when using ical 3 on 10.5 and we enter an attendee, the only way  
it will work is if I enter the users email address and not their name.

Is there any way to get the dcs to behave like using ical and a local  
address book? Is there a way to set it up so that when a user enters a  
few letters of a user's name in the attendee box it looks it up and  
presents the full name? Or better yet have dcs present its dcs  
addresses in ical so you can drag them onto the calendar? While dsc  
works, it is not convenient to have to know a user's email address and  
have to enter it completely in the attendee list before dcs tells you  
if it is a valid user.

Finally is there a front end console that makes it easier to create  
and edit user xml files? I am sure we are doing something wrong just  
not sure what.


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