[CalendarServer-users] Remote Principal Administration

Brandon Keepers bkeepers at gmail.com
Thu Jan 18 17:10:42 PST 2007


On Jan 18, 2007, at 4:44 PM, Tyler Keating wrote:

> I'm currently building a web application that will use Calendar  
> Server and I have one important question.  What is the best way to  
> create principal accounts on Darwin Calendar Server to match the  
> member accounts of my web application?  I'm open to any suggestions.
> I do know that Cosmo Calendar Server has a Cosmo Management  
> Protocol for remote administration, is there something similar for  
> Darwin that I've missed?

I have this same need.  Currently, I'm just generating and XML file  
every time a user is updated in the database, but that won't work in  
production because I don't want to be restarting the calendar server  
every 10 minutes.

Looking at the current SQL calendar directory implementation, it is  
very specific and appears to be somewhat tied to sqlite.  It would be  
great if there was a configurable SQL implementation.

Unfortunately, I don't know python (yet), but I know several people  
that do.  It would be great if we could gather some resources to  
implement this.  Any takers?


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