[CalendarServer-users] Project Status

Guillaume LACHENAL guillaume at lachenal.net
Thu Jul 12 03:00:46 PDT 2007

Hi Kervin,

On 2007.07.11 07:46 -0700, Kervin L. Pierre wrote:
> Hello Guillaume,
> I don't know what Apple's plans are
> but the OpenConnector plugin should
> fit your needs.  We plan to have a
> stable release in the next month or
> two.

I've watch the video available on openconnector.org which make me think
your project is a good one.
At the first time, looking at the website, mailing-lists and svn activity,
I estimated the project seems dead. Sorry

Is there an estimated release date for a new snapshot ?

> The client still needs some work.
> I'm working on Outlook 2007 support
> right now.  Plus there are are a
> list of performance and feature
> improvements planned for the first
> release.

Which versions of Outlook are currently (or planned to be) supported ?
I think the project need some more doc. I may contribute later ;-)

> We can always use developers.  If
> you have Win32/COM/MAPI/C++
> experience, then you can probably
> help.

Sorry, not on my skils list ;-)



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