[CalendarServer-users] Setting permissions or ACLs on calendarserver.

Wilfredo Sánchez Vega wsanchez at apple.com
Tue May 29 13:44:32 PDT 2007

   The server is set up such that a user's calendars are only readable  
by that user.

   This can be modified (by that user) using WebDAV ACLs, though there  
aren't really any clients around that do that, as far as I'm aware,  
and we don't have any tools for that at the moment, as we've been  
concentrating on the basic calendaring use cases and not on more  
complex configurations.

   If you need to see other user's calendars, the only easy way to do  
that is to grant yourself administrative access on the server, but  
that let's you edit the calendars as well as view them, so it's not  
something you typically want to grant all users.  You can do that in  
caldavd.plist; just add your principal URL to the list of admin  


On May 18, 2007, at 1:56 PM, Mr. Eric Eugene Naujock wrote:

> I am currently running calendarserver on an OSX server and I am  
> using XMLDirectoryService. I have figured out how to add Principals  
> to the accounts.xml file. When I look at the server using a web  
> browser I can see all the users accounts. But when I browse to  
> another users calendar  cannot see their calendar. If I browse to my  
> own calendar then I can see it just fine. I am guessing that I need  
> to configure something along the lines of ACLs. I cannot find any  
> documentation that allows me to configure to allow a person to read  
> or edit another users calendar. Nor can I read another persons  
> calendar. Is there documentation on how to set this up. I would use  
> the Open Directory service but have not found out how to integrate  
> it into our OD system.

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