[CalendarServer-users] Setting permissions or ACLs on calendarserver.

mwacker at linagora.com mwacker at linagora.com
Wed May 30 00:36:11 PDT 2007

>    The server is set up such that a user's calendars are only readable
> by that user.
>    This can be modified (by that user) using WebDAV ACLs, though there
> aren't really any clients around that do that, as far as I'm aware,
> and we don't have any tools for that at the moment, as we've been
> concentrating on the basic calendaring use cases and not on more
> complex configurations.

Do you mean that CalDAV ACL are already implemented on the server side ?
As far as i remember CalDAV ACLs are applicable not only on a calendar
object (which is a collection of events in webdav speaking) but ACLs can
be set event by event.
Does Darwin Calendar Server implement this fully ?

The only problem to exploit this come from client side ?

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