[CalendarServer-users] Need help with configuration to Open Directory

Josh Wisenbaker macshome at afp548.com
Tue Nov 6 04:21:27 PST 2007

On Nov 5, 2007, at 6:22 PM, misleb wrote:

> Cyrus Daboo-3 wrote:
>> That won't work as iCal does require the schema for its delegate  
>> lookup,
>> as
>> far as I can tell.
>> The only way you can manage this is by creating your own tool to  
>> setup
>> delegate info. That basically involves changing group membership  
>> details
>> on
>> certain principal resources related to the user who wants to  
>> delegate. If
>> that is done, then iCal's 'Accounts I can access' panel will list  
>> those -
>> you just won't be able to use iCal's 'Manage Account Access' feature.
>> (Of course the other option is to upgrade to Leopard Server :-) ).
> Is it not possible to simply extend the schema on a Tiger OD master?  
> I gave
> it a brief try by copying teh apple.schema from a Leopard server,  
> but I got
> a duplicate OID error that I could not resolve so I had to go back  
> (live
> server).
> I'd reallyy like the full functionality of iCal (and web services)  
> without
> having to upgrade my OD master to Leopard.

This is possible. I did it a while back on Tiger and posted some of  
the results to this list. At the time though the whole project was in  
such a state of developmental flux that it was a moving target. (It  
turned out great though!)

When adding schema you really should get your own OID. When I was  
messing with this I got one for AFP548.com. It was just a simple web  
form that took a few days to get back.


Josh Wisenbaker, ACSA
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