[CalendarServer-users] Need help with configuration to Open Directory

Josh Wisenbaker macshome at afp548.com
Tue Nov 6 12:07:11 PST 2007

On Nov 6, 2007, at 12:52 PM, misleb wrote:

> Josh Wisenbaker wrote:
>>> Is it not possible to simply extend the schema on a Tiger OD master?
>>> I gave
>>> it a brief try by copying teh apple.schema from a Leopard server,
>>> but I got
>>> a duplicate OID error that I could not resolve so I had to go back
>>> (live
>>> server).
>>> I'd reallyy like the full functionality of iCal (and web services)
>>> without
>>> having to upgrade my OD master to Leopard.
>> This is possible. I did it a while back on Tiger and posted some of
>> the results to this list. At the time though the whole project was in
>> such a state of developmental flux that it was a moving target. (It
>> turned out great though!)
>> When adding schema you really should get your own OID. When I was
>> messing with this I got one for AFP548.com. It was just a simple web
>> form that took a few days to get back.
> Why write my own schema when there's a prefectly good apple.schema  
> on my
> Leopard server with all the appropriate OIDs defined?
> Or are you saying use the Leopard apple.schema as a reference and  
> just swap
> in my own OIDs to avoid the conflicts that I had?
> Isn't there a a schema file that I could download from someone else  
> who's
> extended the Tiger schema to work with Leopard server?

Using the apple schema file is probably the easiest, although you are  
probably going to just want to pick the extra attributes that you need.

If you are adding in your own additions that are based on, but not  
actually, the Apple ones it may be best to get your own private  
enterprise number. When I was messing with all of this the Leopard  
schema wasn't public, so that was the route I had to take.


Josh Wisenbaker, ACSA
Breaking my server to save yours.

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