[CalendarServer-users] How to set up Calendar Server for a small virtual office

Roel Smelt roel.smelt at gmail.com
Sun Nov 11 10:08:25 PST 2007

The Calendar Server is installed and I could run it once and subscribe iCal
to it.After closing the Terminal the Server stopped and I was not able to
run it again, because Twisted was running.

First, how can I stop Twisted, or even better, how can I run Calendar Server
as a daemon on my iMac (always on at home) and startup automatically after a

Secondly, We are working with 5 people without an office. We are using
MacBooks and are on the way or working at home and do have an internet
What should I change in the .plist's and .xml's to have a fine setup, so all
5 can access the Calendar Server with all the new collaborative functions
available now in iCal 3, sharing calendars, invitations, etc.

Also, what should be settings of the port forwarding in the AirPort, and
shat should be set in the System Preferences.

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