[CalendarServer-users] delegation help?

Joe Auty joe at netmusician.org
Sun Nov 11 15:06:32 PST 2007

Any takers on a little clarification on delegation and how it works?  
Like I said, I'm happy to write up some newbie documentation once I  
have a better understanding of how this works...

On Nov 9, 2007, at 1:30 PM, Joe Auty wrote:

> On Nov 9, 2007, at 12:44 PM, Cyrus Daboo wrote:
>> Hi Joe,
>> --On November 9, 2007 12:16:03 PM -0500 Joe Auty  
>> <joe at netmusician.org> wrote:
>>> I have followed this configuration and have gotten delegates to  
>>> show up
>>> and I can write to a calendar as a delegate, but how can I set the
>>> calendar owner to see the changes/entries made by a delegate who  
>>> has been
>>> provided access? I'm also confused as to why I need to provide the  
>>> name
>>> and password in the location block in addition to the user block?
>>> Also, how does the "manage access to my account" GUI config  
>>> supposed to
>>> work? Does this allow defining proxy users? Does it work with the  
>>> flat
>>> file plist/XML files?
>>> Sorry for the dumb questions, I'll be happy to write this up once  
>>> I have
>>> an understanding of this, for the benefit of others :)
>> The bottom line is iCal's delegate UI won't work with the XML  
>> configuration option right now, as iCal requires a directory system  
>> to lookup user data.
>> With the XMl config you can do this: manually configure delegates  
>> in the file via the <proxies> element as you have done. Then create  
>> a new CalDAV account in iCal using the delegate's user/pswd, but  
>> set the server address to the principal-URL of the location or  
>> resource (you will have to lookup the GUIDs for those via Safari).  
>> I believe if you do that you will see the resource/location  
>> calendars in the new account and will have the appropriate delegate  
>> access to them.
> Is there anyway you could elaborate on what you mean here? Firstly,  
> what would be gained by doing what you are describing as opposed to  
> simply setting up access to the other user's calendars without using  
> the delegates feature? Are you saying to basically figure out what  
> the URL would be for where the owner's/principal's calendar resides,  
> and enter this into ICal? Could one do this without knowing the  
> other user's user/pass? Could you provide me with an example?
> Could you dumb this down a little? So sorry to have to ask this :)
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