[CalendarServer-users] Delete Default Users?

Greg Miller gmiller at commo.com
Thu Apr 3 08:56:41 PDT 2008

Is there a way to delete all of the default users in Darwin Calendar Server? 
I have it all setup and running on CentOS 5 using the Maxime Wacker
instructions, but I can't seem to get rid of "user 1-99", etc.  If I delete
these directories from my data directory, they just repopulate.  Unless I am
reading my accounts.xml wrong, I don't see anything that should create those

Any ideas?

Are those not deletable for a reason?

Are these users stored in an sqlite database somehow?  If so, is there a way
to get them removed?

I saw some info regarding various admin utilities, but I couldn't seem to
get any of them to work on Linux (syntax errors).

Using SVN checkout from 3/31/08.

If I am hopelessly wandering in the wrong direction, please help steer me
back on course!


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