[CalendarServer-users] Setup for small group/family

Michael J. Pawlowsky mikep at mikeathome.net
Mon Apr 7 08:30:29 PDT 2008

I JUST setup a similar setup.

We each have our own calendar users. I made my wife and I superusers for 
CalendarServer so we can easily see everyones schedules and write to them.
By default though they are read only (in Lightning) for the other 
person, but that can be changed simply by a checkbox.

CalendarServer is running on a Fedora Core 8 box, and we use Windows XP, 
Vista and OSX.
We sync the iphones using iCal.

The one part that is really missing is web support. I just requested to 
open a sourceforge project to create a PHP CalDAV class.
I think a well written PHP CalDAV class will help other Calendar 
projects integrate CalDAV support into their projects quickly.

If there are any PHP developers that would like to assist, here is the URL.

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