[CalendarServer-users] Setup for small group/family

Michael J. Pawlowsky mikep at mikeathome.net
Mon Apr 7 08:56:45 PDT 2008

Scott Buchanan wrote:
> Hi,
> assuming your using xml for directory service would you mind 
> publishing an example of (sanatized of course) how you set up super 
> and regular users?  I haven't been able to understand how this is 
> established and what part the sudoers.plist file plays.  I have 
> everything else working just fine.

I should have said "AdminPricipals". It is in caldavd.plist
I have re-arranged all my files location to be more in line with a 
Fedora distribution. I might even create an rpm out of it at one point.
The next thing I need to do now is write a init.d startup script for 
caldavd. Unless someone else already has one they can post.

  <!-- Principals with "DAV:all" access (relative URLs) -->

And the accounts.xml looks like:
(The guid's really should be uuidgen's but since it is just for us 3, I 
think we will be ok. :)

<accounts realm="Family Calendar">

    <name>Michael Pawlowsky</name>
    <cuaddr>mailto:mikep at xxxxxx.net</cuaddr>

    <name>Christine Caron</name>
    <cuaddr>mailto:kris at xxxxxx.com</cuaddr>

    <name>Michelle Caron-Pawlowsky</name>
    <cuaddr>mailto:michelle at xxxxxx.com</cuaddr>

    <name>Family Group</name>
      <member type="users">mikep</member>
      <member type="users">kris</member>
      <member type="users">michelle</member>

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