[CalendarServer-users] Do write-shared calendars require OpenDirectory

mwacker at linagora.com mwacker at linagora.com
Fri Apr 11 06:26:18 PDT 2008

> Hello,
> I am playing with DCS for two days and don´t get it...
> 1. I want to use DCS on an Ubuntu server for 30 Mac-Clients running
> iCal on Leopard. Works already.
> 2. I don´t want to setup an OpenDirectory service. It´s lot of
> overhead I don´t need.
> 3. I want to allow users to change (write) other users calendars, but
> not to everyone.
> I have the impression it might work if everyone is set to be an admin,
> but detailed write access without OD is not possible?
> Is that right? Is DCS the right tool for me?
OD is not needed. AFAIK it's only available for MacOSX Server.

> Additional question: Where are useful docs? Do they even exist? I
> found http://trac.macosforge.org/projects/calendarserver/wiki/ , but I
> am missing informations from ground up, like "What is a group? What
> can DCS do, and what can´t be done? Which permission can be set where,
> which tool can be used to view and set ACL, ..."

Let's have look at previous thread on these 2 calendarserver-users ML
recent threads :
"Client library and admin tool" : tool for setting ACL (that's the way to
solve your sharing right problem.

And "Setup for small group/family" : Some trying to do similar thing as you.

You may need to understand DAV acls to set it up properly.

Don't forget to explain your success when you get it ...

> Thanks a lot,
> bye,
> Jörg
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