[CalendarServer-users] CALDAV internal server error

arun chhetri uhcops at gmail.com
Fri Aug 1 14:29:21 PDT 2008

Hi friends this is my second post for the same question, hope somebody can
help me with this problem,,

I have developed the core and web framework for CALDAV client using python
and twisted. But, I am facing some problem,,

When I try to send a report to the calendar server for a month which has
lots of events, it throws an internal server error.

When I reduce the time window of the report to one day, so that it can only
fetch events per day or when the No. of events are less and in my case, it's
one per day, It

works fine.

Can anyone tell me what's the problem. Is there some problem with the server
or is there any limit on the size of report.

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