[CalendarServer-users] Setting up on Tiger Server

Richard Shepherd richard at shepfamily.co.uk
Sat Aug 2 13:05:17 PDT 2008

Hi all,

This is my first post so if this has been answered I apologize. I  
cannot find a repository of prior posts either - is there one?

I have a G4 Quicksilver 800MHz (ie not supported by Leopard Server)  
home server and want to share calendars with my wife and with  
myself(!) on different machines. We are both physicians. I have  
succesfully published calendars using WebDAV before but need to edit  
them from one machine to the other rather than just have one "edit"  
machine and all the others read only.

The server is running Tiger 10.4.11 server and supports all our  
network gear for DHCP and DNS (Intel iMac, Powebook G4, iBook G4, PS3,  
AppleTV). All Macs are running Leopard client.

It is setup as an OD Master and DNS works correctly both forwards and  
reverse. LDAP Directory services seems to work just fine with  
Directory Utility/Directory in the Leopard clients. The server is  

I have checked out DCS and successfully compiled it on the server. I  
want it to work in OD mode but cannot get it running properly. That  
being said I cannot get it to work properly in XML mode either.

Does anyone have any simple step by step guides?



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