[CalendarServer-users] Setting up on Tiger Server

Richard Shepherd richard at shepfamily.co.uk
Tue Aug 5 03:24:50 PDT 2008

Thanks so much Robert.

I now have it working for my purposes using Open Directory. I assume  
the xml version will work okay but I haven't tested it.

Therefore to share how I got it working here it is...

1. Ensure your server DNS resolves to your Darwin Calendar Server  
(DCS) server machine properly. My DCS is served from the same machine  
(ns1.26hollin.lan) that does DNS and DHCP so I'll touch on this later  
when configuring caldavd-dev.plist

2. Ensure that the your users and groups are created in Workgroup  
Manager (WGM)
	2a.	Group calendars simply require a group created with users added  
that can edit the group calendar
		For my example my wife, 2 sons and I want to share a group. I  
created the group "26hollincalendar" (don't forget to omit the quotes)  
and added all of us as users to this group.

3. Create a user called "calendar"  in WGM (ditto omit the quotes in  
all that follow)

4. Create a group called "calendar"  in WGM

5. ssh into your server if installing remotely or open Terminal if  

6. Download and install python 2.5
	cd ~
	curl -0 http://www.pythonmac.org/packages/py25-fat/dmg/python-2.5-macosx.dmg 
  > python-2.5-macosx.dmg
	sudo hdiutil attach ./python-2.5-macos.dmg
	cd "/volumes/Univeral MacPython 2.5"
	sudo installer -pkg ./MacPython.mpkg -target /
7. Checkout the source for Calendar Server.
	sudo mkdir /usr/local/caldavd
	cd /usr/local/caldavd
	sudo svn checkout http://svn.calendarserver.org/repository/calendarserver/CalendarServer/tags/release/CalendarServer-1.2 
		This downloads all the source to the /usr/local/caldavd/caldavd  

8. Compile the source
		cd /usr/local/caldavd/caldavd
		sudo ./run -s

9. Copy the /usr/local/caldavd/caldavd/conf/caldavd-test.plist to /usr/ 
		sudo cp /usr/local/caldavd/caldavd/conf/caldavd-test.plist  /usr/ 

10. Edit this file
		sudo pico /usr/local/caldavd/caldavd/conf/caldavd-dev.plist

11. Change the following entries

  <!-- Network host name -->
   <string>ns1.26hollin.lan</string>  <!--PUT YOUR OWN SERVER HERE-->

Then comment out the XML Directory entry and uncomment the Open  
Directory entry.
Then, importantly set the requireComputeRecord key to false

<!--  Open Directory Service -->



       <false/>  <!--CHANGE THIS FROM TRUE TO FALSE-->

Then (phew) change the Authentication method to enable Basic and  
Digest but disable Kerberos


     <!-- Clear text; best avoided -->

    <!-- Digest challenge/response -->

    <!-- Kerberos/SPNEGO -->


12. Start the server
	sudo /usr/local/caldavd/caldavd/run
	or to start in daemon mode
	sudo /usr/local/caldavd/caldavd/run -d

You should now be able to log into the server using your browser at http://ns1.26hollin.lan:8008 
  in my case.

I do not know why requireComputerRecord needs to be disabled but  
without it /Search cannot find the /Computers entry in Open Directory.

I'm not sure if creating the user "calendar" and group "calendar" are  
needed. I just did this because I got an error message on server  
startup that it couldn't find them. HOWEVER I was mistakenly using the  
caldavd.plist as the template for caldavd-dev.plist instead of caldavd- 
test.plist. caldavd.plist is included in the 1.2 Release branch as I  
assume this is the config file Leopard uses for the Apple compiled Mac  
OS X caldavd executable in /usr/share rather than the cross-platform  
run script that replaces it in DCS.

One final thing that puzzles me but it doesn't seem to be directly DCS  
related is that iCal cannot locate users in Open Directory to add as  
individual user calendar delegates. As I said my OD setup seems okay  
and users show up in the Leopard client "Directory.app" after I bind  
the client machine with "Directory Utility.app". But when I try to  
edit the entries or add them Directory.app just tells me it cannot  
find an Open Directory server regardless of whether I select password  
or Kerberos authentication in the Preferences. I suspect I have set up  
Kerberos incorrectly. So for my purposes it works fine with a shared  
calendar that everyone can read-write to but wouldn't be usable for an  
individual user in an organization for example.



On 3 Aug 2008, at 04:11, Robert Schmid wrote:

> Richard,
> I just finished going through your pain and I'm still going through  
> it.
> I can't offer you a good step-by-step but I can correct one major  
> flaw in the documentation.  Do NOT check out the main trunk of the  
> code.  Instead use the last labeled version.  i.e. use the following  
> command to checkout the code;
> svn checkout http://svn.calendarserver.org/repository/calendarserver/CalendarServer/tags/release/CalendarServer-1.2
> This is a stable version of the code.  It compiles and runs  
> properly.  If you checkout from the trunk you are inheriting the  
> latest untested code and its attendent bugs.   I recommend you clear  
> out everything you've done (except your config files, move those  
> somewhere and copy them back) and start over.
> Robert Schmid
> On Aug 2, 2008, at 3:05 PM, Richard Shepherd wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> This is my first post so if this has been answered I apologize. I
>> cannot find a repository of prior posts either - is there one?
>> I have a G4 Quicksilver 800MHz (ie not supported by Leopard Server)
>> home server and want to share calendars with my wife and with
>> myself(!) on different machines. We are both physicians. I have
>> succesfully published calendars using WebDAV before but need to edit
>> them from one machine to the other rather than just have one "edit"
>> machine and all the others read only.
>> The server is running Tiger 10.4.11 server and supports all our
>> network gear for DHCP and DNS (Intel iMac, Powebook G4, iBook G4,  
>> PS3,
>> AppleTV). All Macs are running Leopard client.
>> It is setup as an OD Master and DNS works correctly both forwards and
>> reverse. LDAP Directory services seems to work just fine with
>> Directory Utility/Directory in the Leopard clients. The server is
>> Kerborized.
>> I have checked out DCS and successfully compiled it on the server. I
>> want it to work in OD mode but cannot get it running properly. That
>> being said I cannot get it to work properly in XML mode either.
>> Does anyone have any simple step by step guides?
>> Regards
>> Richard
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