[CalendarServer-users] Mac OS X Server

Louis ROMERO louis.romero at free.fr
Sat Dec 6 11:11:18 PST 2008


	I have a 10.5.5 Mac OS X Server and the iCal Server is on. I have a  
problem, that happend twice, so I guess there is something.

	On time, the CPU was at 100%, taken by the User, but I couldn't see  
what was wrong in Activity Monitor or top, because the step of  
measures was to large : I found that there were several small Python  
processes that were launched and stopped constantly !

I tried to know where they came from. I stopped services one after  
another, and found out it was iCal : 10% CPU after that.

Today, I had the same problem.

The only thing I did today with iCal Servr was augmenting a LDAP  
record in the OpenDirectory. I just chose the calendar to be synced  

Where dos this come from ?

Louis Romero  Arcank

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