[CalendarServer-users] Calendar server lost calendars

Stroller linux.luser at myrealbox.com
Tue Dec 9 05:24:46 PST 2008

On 8 Dec 2008, at 08:47, Antti Hermunen wrote:
> ...
> I'm running Mac OS X Server 10.5.5 with the Calendar server -
> Had to replace a failed hard drive on the server and after the  
> changeover iCal Server stopped working.
> My guess is that cloning the system and booting off that system on a  
> drive with a different volume name somehow borked the OpenDirectory  
> settings for iCal Server.
> ...
> The calendar data is still there - all 180 Mb of it but the status  
> window in Server Admin says that there are no users, calendars etc.  
> and the calendars have disappeared from the CalDAV clients i.e. iCal.

How did you transfer the data? I'm guessing that you copied the whole  
o/s + server data from the failing hard-drive to the new one?

Note that Calendar Server requires ACLs on its data directory. I  
recently cloned a system using `ditto --rsrc --extattr --acl` - note  
that these should be the defaults on 10.5 - and it works perfectly,  
but I am not running Calendar Server on that machine. However I think  
that `cp -R` might neglect some or all of the Mac-specific metadata,  
so if you did that I would perhaps have another attempt at recovering  
the data dir.


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