[CalendarServer-users] Assign Delegate/Proxy for User principal

Corey Scobie corey at scobie.com
Mon Dec 15 10:27:07 PST 2008

I am certain this subject has been beaten to death - but without a  
searchable archive I can't seem to zero in on the exact solution.

I am running latest DCS with XML File Directory Service. I want to  
define user "B" and give them read/write access to the calendars in  
user A's store. I have tried defining a proxy on the user principal  
object but it appears that users cannot have proxies. Do I really need  
to define user A as a resource principal?

Sorry if I am being thick here. I have researched hours on this  
subject and still do not have a definitive answer on defining  
delegates for a user using XML File Repository.

Thanks in advance.


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