[CalendarServer-users] Invitations from iCal to Lightning

Mag. Johannes Wedenigg johannes at alphaeus.at
Wed Feb 6 02:58:12 PST 2008

We've configured Darwin Calendar Server on a Linux machine. Everythin  
works quite okay except one thing: Invitations

Am I right thinking, that Lightning doesn't support sending/receiving  
Event-Invitations using only the server? Is the only way of sending  
receiving event invitations in lightning via e-mail?

In iCal I can add participants and click on "send", but my colleagues  
don't seem to receive anything. So I have to send them invitations via  
an e-mail with an ics file attached, which renders the participants  
feature of iCal useless.

We tried to access the "inbox" collection from within lightning but  
without success. Any workarounds to get the iTip/iMip mechanisms to  
work with Darwin Calendar Server and Lightning?

Kind Regards

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