[CalendarServer-users] Service exists at only

Robert Harris robert.harris at manville-harris.co.uk
Wed Feb 6 09:08:05 PST 2008

Hi again,

On 31 Jan 2008, at 12:00, Robert Harris wrote:

> Hi Cyrus,
> Thanks for offering to help.
> On 31 Jan 2008, at 02:02, Cyrus Daboo wrote:
>> Can you include the stdout/stderr result? There ought to be  
>> something in there when the server starts up that shows what  
>> processes are being started and on what ports etc.
> I ran 'run -v' and have attached its stdout and the plist file.  
> There was nothing on stderr.

1. As a check, I get the same behaviour on a MacBook with a fresh  
install of 10.5, the Xcode tools
    and the upgrade to 10.5.1 (together with the other recommended  

2. The problem appears to be in the parsing on the plist (I guess this  
is evident from the stdout).
     Hard-coding the appropriate address in tap.py works ok. Could you  
please give me a pointer
     to where the parsing takes place and I'll continue to investigate  
it myself.



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