[CalendarServer-users] 'DAV ACL's... li'l help?

tack tack at tractionco.com
Fri Feb 15 14:03:46 PST 2008

I've been following this thread from before my time here:


I've been trying the Mulberry bit with these instructions:


But they don't correspond with the options in my version of the  
program (4.0.8v).

So:  Is there another way to edit DAV ACL's that people have used or  
can somebody who's used Mulberry to do so point me in the right  

Basically the issue I'm dealing with is I've got around 20 users who  
each need to be able to subscribe to each other's calendars in iCal.   
We're on a beater PC running BSD so we're pretty much stuck with the  
XML directory service.  I understand the way to deal with this is  
either with delegation or editing the ACL's.  If anyone has another  
way in mind I'll try that too.


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