[CalendarServer-users] ics feed from CALDAV

Mark Corner mcorner at cs.umass.edu
Tue Feb 19 13:03:54 PST 2008

Has anyone written something to translate a caldav calendar into ics/ 
webcal format?  A cro job, php script etc.

We have a leopard caldav server and would like to use this with older  
tiger ical clients and with our web pages.  For instance, there are  
plenty of plugins for things like drupal that can use an an ics feed  
but not much (well nothing) for caldav.  We are only looking for read- 

It should be straightforward to create something that grabs all the  
events from the caldav server and puts them in ics format.  I suppose  
I could write one using the testing suite as a starting point?  I  
figure someone must have done this before.

(I think I have my terminology right)


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