[CalendarServer-users] sporadically dropped events

fano.de Team email at fano.de
Tue Feb 26 13:21:23 PST 2008


I have successfully set up caldav server on my 10.5.2 powermac.
my local calendar (1500+ items) was exported then reimported into a  
fresh empty caldav calendar.

I assume all events were written to the caldav database dir which I  
verfied here and there.
now something strange happens to another client which has read the  
calendar from the server:
some events are invisible/lost sporadically. first I thought it must  
have to do with umlauts in the calendar name, ut with a renamed  
calendar it's virtually the same.

when I tried to track the problem I first put the concerning calendar  
into another ical client on another 10.5.2 machine.
lost events are identically to the other clients. they are only  
visible in the importing/publishing client.

my second calendar (less events than the other) works fine on all  

now I am completely stuck because I can't find the problem.
any ideas/hints? should I send someone my (defective?) calendar?

best regards,

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