[CalendarServer-users] Implementing OpenDirectory Autocompletion in LDAP

Brandon Evans be-maillists at eyespotcorp.com
Tue Jun 3 16:36:22 PDT 2008

I am writing an LDAP directory module that works with the  
CalenderServer-1.2 branch/tag.  It is based on the  
appleopendirectory.py module and python-ldap.
Right now it has some very basic functionality - but does work.

One of the main features I would like to get working is the attendee  
auto complete.
My question is, what is iCal looking for when filling in autocomplete  
information?  Is there a particular attribute that I need to  add to  
my ldap server?

Also, if anyone would be willing to give me an Opendirectory ldif of a  
user, location, group and resource it would really help me out with  
this project.


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