[CalendarServer-users] Implementing OpenDirectory Autocompletion in LDAP

Cyrus Daboo cdaboo at apple.com
Tue Jun 3 16:43:42 PDT 2008

Hi Brandon,

--On June 3, 2008 4:36:22 PM -0700 Brandon Evans 
<be-maillists at eyespotcorp.com> wrote:

> I am writing an LDAP directory module that works with the
> CalenderServer-1.2 branch/tag.  It is based on the
> appleopendirectory.py module and python-ldap.
> Right now it has some very basic functionality - but does work.
> One of the main features I would like to get working is the attendee
> auto complete.
> My question is, what is iCal looking for when filling in autocomplete
> information?  Is there a particular attribute that I need to  add to
> my ldap server?

First what you will need to do is figure out how to use Directory Utility 
on the client machine to bind to your LDAP server. I am not exactly sure 
what the LDAP server needs to be able to do in order for OD binding to work 
- check the Apple Open Directory documentation online to see if there are 
hints there.

Once you can bind to your LDAP server via Directory Utility you need to 
setup the Computer record schema and user record attributes described here:


Cyrus Daboo

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