[CalendarServer-users] Does Calendarserver support these features?

Martin Bretschneider bretschneider-mlcalendarserver at imr.uni-hannover.de
Tue Jun 10 01:20:43 PDT 2008


I am a long time Debian Linux user and found out about the 
calendarserver from darwin. I installed it on Debian Lenny but have some 
questions since I could not find appropriate docs for the configuration 
files (there are only the comments):

1. Can Calendarserver accept username/password combinations directy from 
the system users (/etc/passwd, /etc/shadow) without the use of the 
accounts.xml or kerberos backend? It is possible to use the system user 
names as email-addresses (I guess that this is for notification)?

2. If yes, it is also possible to reuse the group information from the 
system (/etc/groups) as permissions for calendars? I do not want to edit 
accounts.xml each time a new user is added or removed.

3. How do I create a calendar that can be used by several persons at the 
same time (random read and write access)? What URL do I have to enter in 
the caldav-clients? Or do I have to create it on the server first?

Thanks in advance

Martin Bretschneider

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