[CalendarServer-users] Is it possible to set up a group calendar in DCS that contains calendars from Basecamp?

Michelle Moon Lee michelle at quilted.coop
Tue Jun 10 13:55:00 PDT 2008


My company has around 30 projects in Basecamp. We are using Calendar 
Server as our company calendar server so that we can  collaboratively 
edit our calendars.

We would like to subscribe to each of our Basecamp projects (separately 
not the global feed) so that we can do one-to-one comparisons, color 
each project differently, etc. We don't want each of our workers to have 
to manually subscribe to each of our 30 calendars in their own calendar 

Is there a way to create a calendar group in Calendar Server, add each 
worker as a member, and subscribe the group to each of our Basecamp 
projects? That way the Calendar Server could serve up all of the calendars.

Is this possible?


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