[CalendarServer-users] Is it possible to set up a group calendar in DCS that contains calendars from Basecamp?

Michelle Moon Lee michelle at quilted.coop
Wed Jun 11 13:02:19 PDT 2008

Hi Terry,

I didn't find a DCS related solution to this problem and since I don't 
have an infinite amount of time to devote to this particular problem, my 
proposed solution was:

* Write up a ruby script to grab all of the project IDs via Basecamp's 
API and put them into an applescript-formated array
* Write up an applescript script to automate subscription to the 
Basecamp milestone calendars

Then we manually create iCal group(s) for the Basecamp subscriptions so 
that we can turn all the projects on and off with one click. This cuts 
down iCal subscription time from 15-30min (manually subscribing to 30 
projects) to ~2min.

As for group-related stuff, the most complicated that we've gotten is 
setting up 2 calendar groups with 4-6 calendars and 4 members each. So 
our set up probably won't be that helpful to other people. Let me know 
if you're interested in seeing our simple little scripts and I'll post them.


Terry Barnum wrote:
> Michelle,
> If you happen to figure out a solution, would you mind posting it to 
> the list? There are quite a few people here (myself included) with 
> unanswered questions that I'm sure would be very appreciative of a 
> write-up on how to solve group related issues.
> Thanks,
> -Terry
> On Jun 10, 2008, at 1:55 PM, Michelle Moon Lee wrote:
>> Hi,
>> My company has around 30 projects in Basecamp. We are using Calendar
>> Server as our company calendar server so that we can  collaboratively
>> edit our calendars.
>> We would like to subscribe to each of our Basecamp projects (separately
>> not the global feed) so that we can do one-to-one comparisons, color
>> each project differently, etc. We don't want each of our workers to have
>> to manually subscribe to each of our 30 calendars in their own calendar
>> clients.
>> Is there a way to create a calendar group in Calendar Server, add each
>> worker as a member, and subscribe the group to each of our Basecamp
>> projects? That way the Calendar Server could serve up all of the 
>> calendars.
>> Is this possible?
>> Thanks,
>> Michelle
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