[CalendarServer-users] Problems with XMLDirectoryService

Ed Poe thinman at malted.net
Thu Jun 12 09:15:16 PDT 2008

I have a server built from SVN running on debian etch (with python 2.5  
from sid).  It's configured to use XMLDirectoryService.  Client  
software is iCal 3.0.3 (1244) on 10.5.3.

Although users can log in and edit their own calendars, free/busy  
doesn't work ("Availability is not supported on the server for this  
account) and delegates for resources don't work ("Delegation is not  
supported on the server for this account".  Also following  
instructions I've found in the archives I'm unable to set up iCal to  
access shared calendars ("Access is denied at https://<server>:8443/ 
calendars/groups/<group>/calendar with this login and password."),  
although I'm not positive that iCal is supposed to be able to do this  
anyway as the documentation is lacking (as has been discussed on this  
list).  The cert is self-signed, but the CA is imported into the  
keychain and it works fine in Safari and Mail.app so I don't think  
it's an https problem, and I have the same issue with http anyway.  I  
do get this message in the error_log:

2008-06-12 12:02:05-0400 [-] [caldav-8009]  [AMP,client]  
[twisted.web2.dav.resource#info] Authentication failed: Incorrect  
credentials for  
[users at 55a7b2a7-2238-57a0-8539-652e8aad9fdf(Calendar)]  
bf6c39d3-5267-5bfc-8df1-39d7d1591e80(ed) 'Ed Poe'>

Is this just a subtle syntax error in my accounts.xml file, or is  
something else going on?  I've tried deleting data files on the server  
(both the sqlite data and the contents of the CalendarServer/Documents  
directory).  If I use a web browser I can see that the principals all  

<accounts realm="Calendar">
<name>Super User</name>
<cuaddr>mailto:root at mydomain</cuaddr>
<name>Ed Poe</name>
<cuaddr>mailto:nobody at nowhere.int</cuaddr>
<name>her name</name>
<cuaddr>mailto:nobody at nowhere.int</cuaddr>
<name>our group</name>
<member type="users">ed</member>
<member type="users">kate</member>
<name>Honda del Sol VTEC</name>
<member type="users">ed</member>
<member type="users">kate</member>

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