[CalendarServer-users] Free / Busy times troubleshooting

Sean Noonan noonans at get1free.com
Tue Jun 24 15:13:01 PDT 2008

Helge Heß wrote:
> On 24.06.2008, at 19:50, Sean Noonan wrote:
>> In Lightning there's an option to "Invite Attendees" but it doesn't  
>> seem
>> to be pulling users from my list of CalendarServer users--instead, it
>> seems to be pulling from Thunderbird's email contacts.
> Of course, its the calendar server, not the contact server :-) You  
> might want to setup an LDAP server for your contacts.

I do have LDAP setup--openldap v2.3.40.  So, in what CalendarServer 
configuration file to I specify my LDAP information?  Or does 
Thunderbird just get setup with the LDAP information?

>> And no matter what I do people's free/busy information shows "No  
>> Information".
> Not sure whether Lightning does CalDAV freebusy REPORTs. Does calendar  
> server expose .ifb VFREEBUSY resources, or does it only support  
> freebusy via REPORTs?
> If it does support .ifb resources, you could just add those URLs to  
> your contacts.
> Thanks,
>    Helge

I don't mean to be obtuse but I'm not sure what you mean.  Let's assume 
it does support .ifb resources, okay?  So how would I then go about 
"adding those URLs to your contacts"?  What does that even mean?  What 
files get edited?  In what manner?

Thanks again, I really appreciate your help...

--Sean Noonan

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